Kaylyn Saucedo

Closed Caption and Subtitle Editor

As a professional closed caption and subtitle editor, Kaylyn Saucedo has worked on countless TV shows, films, and web projects to provide clarity and accessibility to a wide variety of English-speaking audiences. Whether it's timing and editing subtitles for foreign language features or subtitles for the deaf and hard-of-hearing on English features, these vital services provide customers with the necessary means to keep enjoying what they love and to reach a broader range of new audiences.


Kaylyn has done closed caption editing, subtitle editing, and more with these studios:

The following are examples of Kaylyn's work performed on various films and TV shows:

Click here for a more extensive list of anime productions Kaylyn has worked on.


Born in Oceanside, California, raised in Canyon Lake, Texas, and now residing in Los Angeles, California, Kaylyn is passionate about television, film, comics, video games, and accessibility in all of those fields. She has worked as a professional caption editor since 2017 and worked on projects as humble as independent YouTube channels to films screening in cinemas worldwide. She studied English and Broadcast Journalism at San Antonio College in San Antonio, Texas, as well as Japanese language at KCP International Language School in Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan, and regularly edits subtitles for programs originating in Japanese. She lives a happy, modest life with her husband Josh and their two cats Cali and Doomtrain.


Kaylyn can be reached across a wide variety of social media as well as by E-mail. Please contact her if you are interested in learning more about her services.